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Introducing our Cordless Electric High Pressure Washer in Multicolor, a powerful and versatile cleaning tool that will revolutionize the way you tackle your outdoor cleaning tasks. This cordless high-pressure washer offers convenience, mobility, and exceptional cleaning performance, making it the perfect companion for your home, garden, and outdoor adventures.

Our Cordless Electric High Pressure Washer delivers powerful water pressure to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from various surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning your car, patio, garden furniture, or outdoor equipment, this high-pressure washer ensures thorough and efficient cleaning results.

Our high-pressure washer is designed with water-saving technology, ensuring efficient water usage without compromising on cleaning power. It helps conserve water while still delivering exceptional cleaning results, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Operating the Cordless Electric High Pressure Washer is simple and user-friendly. Just fill the water tank, turn on the device, and start cleaning. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design make it accessible to users of all experience levels.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our high-pressure washer is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to rely on it for all your cleaning needs for years to come.

Upgrade your outdoor cleaning routine with our Cordless Electric High Pressure Washer in Multicolor. Experience the convenience of cordless operation, powerful cleaning performance, and portability. From cleaning your vehicles to maintaining your outdoor spaces, this high-pressure washer offers a practical and efficient solution for all your cleaning needs. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of our high-pressure washer and enjoy a cleaner and more inviting outdoor environment.

Product Features:

• Max 464 PSI working pressure with 240L/h flow rate, portable yet powerful

• 10ft hose with filter basket effectively filter impurities to protect the pressure machine

• Comes with 0°& 40° nozzle, with foam watering pot for deeply cleaning cars

What in the box

1 x Cordless Pressure Washer, 1 x Battery, 1 x Extension Lance, 1 x Water Connection, 1 x Water Pipe, 1 x Filter Screen, 1 x 0° Nozzle, 1 x 40° Nozzle, 1 x Soap Container, 1 x Adaptor, 1 x Manual, 1 x Storage Box

Cordless Electric High Pressure Washer Multicolor

Portable High Pressure Washer

Effectively clean all surfaces with this High Pressure Water Gun! ✔ Abundant accessories included, meeting your different cleaning needs.


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