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The advanced power socket features five USB ports and three power outlets, providing ample charging options for all your devices, while ensuring safety with its anti-static design. The Socket BKL-04 is equipped with five USB ports and three power outlets, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, or any other USB-powered gadget, this power socket has you covered.

Smart Charging Technology:

The advanced Auto Max 3.4A smart charging technology detects the optimal charging current for each connected device, ensuring fast and efficient charging without overloading or damaging your devices.

Anti-Static Design:

The Power Socket BKL-04 features an anti-static design that prevents static electricity buildup, safeguarding your valuable electronic devices from static-related damage.

Safety and Durability:

Built with high-quality materials and robust construction, this socket ensures durability and safety during everyday use. The multiple protection features, including overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection, provide peace of mind while charging your devices.

Sleek and Compact Design:

The compact and sleek design of the Socket BKL-04 allows it to fit seamlessly into any home or office environment. The space-saving design makes it an ideal charging solution for tight spaces. The power socket is equipped with an LED indicator that displays the charging status, making it convenient to check whether your devices are charging properly.

Universal Compatibility:

It  is universally compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and more, making it a versatile charging hub for all your gadgets. Installation is effortless, and the socket can be easily mounted on the wall or any suitable surface, making it a practical addition to your home or workspace.

Enhance Your Charging Experience with Power Socket BKL-04:

Upgrade your charging setup with the Power Socket BKL-04. With multiple USB ports and power outlets, smart charging technology, and anti-static design, this power socket offers a safe, convenient, and efficient charging solution for all your devices. Embrace versatility and reliability with the Socket BKL-04, and ensure your gadgets stay powered and ready for action at all times.


  • Weight: 450g
  • Port: 3 sockets and 5 USB
  • Plug type: EU standard
  • Use of ambient temperature: -10 to + 40 degree
  • Flame retardant: 750 degree
  • Rated power: 2500W (10A, 250V)
  • USB output: 5V 3.4A (Auto Max) 17W
  • Dimension: 138*90*43mm
  • Cable length: 2m
  • One-touch power switch

Power Socket BKL-04 Anti Static 5 Usb 3 Power Socket Auto Max 3.4A

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