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Introducing the CASIO G-SHOCK GM-2100N-2A, a watch that seamlessly blends style with the rugged toughness that G-SHOCK is renowned for. This timepiece isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement of individuality, a symbol of strength, and a touch of sophistication. Embrace a watch that goes beyond telling time—it tells a story of resilience and dynamic style.

Key Features:
1. Contemporary Navy Blue Aesthetics:
Immerse yourself in the contemporary elegance of navy blue. The CASIO G-SHOCK GM-2100N-2A is not just a watch; it’s a captivating accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to your urban style.

2. Urban Toughness Redefined:
This watch embodies the core of G-SHOCK’s urban toughness. Engineered to withstand shocks and challenges, the GM-2100N-2A ensures durability without compromising on style.

3. Digital-Analog Precision:
Experience the best of both worlds with the digital-analog display. Stay connected to modern features while enjoying the classic appeal of analog timekeeping.

4. Shock Resistance:
Built to resist shocks and vibrations, the GM-2100N-2A is prepared for the rigors of daily life. It’s a timepiece that accompanies you through every urban escapade.

5. Water Resistance for Aquatic Adventures:
Whether you’re caught in the rain or exploring water activities, this watch’s water-resistant feature adds a layer of durability, making it suitable for various environments.

6. LED Backlight for Nighttime Clarity:
Illuminate your path with the LED backlight feature. From dimly lit streets to nighttime explorations, the GM-2100N-2A ensures clear visibility in all conditions.

7. Comfortable Fit for Everyday Wear:
The adjustable resin band guarantees a comfortable fit for extended wear. From your daily routine to spontaneous adventures, this G-SHOCK stays securely on your wrist.

8. World Time Functionality:
Stay connected globally with the world time functionality. Ideal for frequent travelers, this feature allows you to keep track of time across different time zones effortlessly.

9. Countdown Timer and Stopwatch:
Manage your time effectively with the countdown timer and stopwatch features. Whether you’re measuring intervals or tracking event durations, these functions add practicality to your watch.

10. G-SHOCK Legacy of Innovation:
Trust in the G-SHOCK legacy of innovation and durability. The GM-2100N-2A is not just a watch; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and defying conventions.

Elevate your style with the CASIO G-SHOCK GM-2100N-2A—a watch that merges elegance with rugged precision. It’s more than a timepiece; it’s a symbol of your urban spirit. Whether you’re navigating city streets or venturing into the unknown, let the GM-2100N-2A be your companion in style and toughness.


2 Years Warranty
Made By Japan
First Class imitation Quality

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