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MECHANISM: The CASIO G-Shock GBA-800-4AER men’s shockproof watch is equipped with a quartz movement, powered by a battery. It has a very high accuracy of measuring time +/- 10 seconds within 30 days. In a quartz movement, the electrically regulated vibrations are generated by a synthetic quartz crystal. Precise control of the vibration frequency makes quartz watches extremely accurate. The electricity needed to operate and control the system comes from the battery.
CASE: The Japanese movement is housed in an unusual, durable orange case.
GLASS: The watch is equipped with mineral glass (5 degree on the Mohs scale) – the most common, very transparent, clean, thin, flexible and resistant to cracks.
STRAP: The watch uses a durable strap, which is made of high-quality orange rubber. The new design of the strap prevents the watch from moving during training. The strap has more holes so that it can be adjusted to any wrist size. The super-soft urethane material makes the model ideally suited to our needs and does not cause discomfort even after many hours of use.
CLOSURE: Thin plastic clasp with a stainless steel element. New clasp design with an additional snap on the inside.
WATERPROOF:The highest water resistance of the watch is this, 200 m (20ATM) and more. It means that the watch can be immersed in water without fear, e.g. while bathing or swimming. The owner of this watch can also afford scuba diving.
SHOCK RESISTANCE: The design of the watch case makes it shock resistant .
ALARM (alarm clock): the watch has an alarm function. The GBA-800 has 5 daily alarms. In addition, the model is equipped with the Hourly Time Signal.
STOPWATCH: Measures the time e.g. of performing an activity. This model has a stopwatch that allows you to measure the passage of time, split times.
The timing range is 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds.
The stopwatch controls the counting of time until it stops. When the upper limit is reached, the time measurement is reset.
The stopwatch continues to count even after exiting Stopwatch mode.
Recall lap time entries (up to 200 lap/split entries)
Target time alert.
Up to 10 settings; the watch beeps (10 seconds) when the target time is reached.
TIMER (countdown timer): its function is to measure time backwards. The measurement unit is 1 second. Countdown start time setting range: 1 minute to 60 minutes. Number of intervals: 1 to 5. Number of automatic repetitions: 1 to 20. Beeps for the last 5 seconds of the countdown. Autostart function.
AUTOMATIC CALENDAR:It shows the date taking into account a different number of days in months, and leap years. Fully automatic calendar with pre-programmed dates from 2000 to 2099.
ILLUMINATING: it is implemented in two ways by means of a double LED, the activation of which causes the entire display to glow, making it clearly visible even in complete darkness. The Auto-Light feature allows the backlight to turn on automatically when the watch is held up to the eye.
DUAL TIME: This mode allows you to keep track of time in a different time zone. You can select winter time or summer time for the second time zone.
12/24 MODE: The time can be displayed in 12 or 24 hour mode
.The watch has a 3-axis accelerometer that counts the steps taken on a given day and allows you to reach the set goal. In addition, the BSA model has a power saving mode, when the sensor does not sense movement, all sensor operations stop.
PEDometer AND ITS FUNCTIONS: Step counting range is from 0 to 999,999, step indicators, step count history screen, automatic reset at midnight every day, manual reset, BLUETOOTH:
By connecting with your phone and the Casio G-SHOCK Connected app, the use of the watch becomes easier easier.
MOBILE LINK functions with mobile phone:
Automatic time adjustment – automatic time adjustment at the set time.
One-touch time correction. Manual connection to the phone and time correction.
Finding a phone – operations on the watch activate an alarm on the phone.
Time in the world. Choose from 300 cities in the world. Changes between normal and summer time.
Setting an alarm clock.
Timer setting.
Correcting the position of the hands.
Data communication specification.
Data transfer of steps and calories.
Stopwatch data transfer – 200 lap/split entries (date and time, lap/split, lap number).

The watch is resistant to the magnetic field.

Casio – a brand built by Japanese titans of work and inventiveness. Its rich branch are watches characterized by diversity, multifunctionality and taste of form. They perfectly meet the needs of people for whom a watch is not only a time indicator. The emergence of new series, and within them more and more interesting, more sophisticated models, testifies to the strength and significance of the brand.

G-SHOCK – This is a sports collection of men’s watches, which is characterized by high durability and resistance to shocks and impacts. Watches from this line are a perfect example of combining intelligence and multifunctionality with a modern, sporty designer. The collection is aimed at active men who actively participate in various extreme sports. This collection includes both analog and digital models. In addition to the water resistance of 20 atm, G-SHOCK has models with temperature, pressure and altitude sensors, resistant to dust, mud and rust.

G-Shock GBA-800-4A Orange

2 Years Warranty
Made By Japan
First Class imitation Quality


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