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Introducing the TS-1244 Wireless Mic and Speaker, your all-in-one solution for portable and wireless audio needs. This versatile device combines a high-quality microphone with a powerful speaker, making it perfect for public speaking, presentations, karaoke, and more. Experience the freedom of wireless technology with the TS-1244. Its wireless microphone allows you to move around without being tethered by cables, providing enhanced flexibility and convenience during your presentations or performances. The TS-1244 Wireless Mic and Speaker is designed to deliver crystal clear sound quality. The powerful speaker ensures that your voice is projected with clarity, making it ideal for addressing large audiences or enjoying karaoke sessions with friends and family.

The media connections bring the main technologies for audio transmission: Bluetooth, USB, Micro SD, FM, in addition to having a P2 input that connects with any equipment with an audio signal output, such as notebooks, tablets, among others. It also has a P10 input for a microphone or musical instrument, such as guitar, guitar, keyboard, among others. 

Available with the tws (Frahm Wireless connect) function that allows two boxes of the same model to connect via Bluetooth technology, enhancing your sound experience.

With an internal battery with an autonomy of 4 hours at medium volume and 8 hours at minimum volume, they provide portability for your playlist, whether at parties, parks, camping, the beach or anywhere without the need to be connected to a power grid. 

The leds create the effect that any party needs. With 8 speaker and 1 driver that provide efficiency in all frequencies.  Its transport is facilitated with the use of the handle and wheels. It has a pedestal fitting. 

Technical specifications: 

  • Power: 300W rms 
  • Speaker: 8
  • Driver: 1 
  • Channel 1: Bluetooth, usb, Micro sd, fm, Auxiliary P2 Stereo 
  • Channel 2: Guitar 1xP10 Mono 
  • Power Supply: Automatic Bivolt (with switched power supply) 100-240 
  • Internal Battery: Lithium 3.6V 3600mAh 
  • Net Weight: 3.6 Kg 
  • Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 43.5x28x23cm 
  • Anatel Homologation: 080281811799

TS-1244 Wireless Mic and Speaker

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