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The bracelet and ring set’s profits

  • Your look will be completed with more elegance and luxury.

  • You will be more passion at all times.

  • It tells the details of your beauty on occasions, outings, and even during work.

  • It eliminates the feeling of confusion when choosing a gift because it is perfect for a neat gift.

  • It pays attention, minds, and makes you the center of attention with its magical design.

  • It reflects your personality and highlights your feminine features.

  • It satisfies your cravings for a renewed look in your new looks.

  • It’s purposes will be done at the lowest cost and saves your money.

  • Free size ring fits all sizes.


How do I maintain its luster and luster?

  • It should not be exposed directly to perfumes, detergents, or materials that contain a percentage of alcohol.

Snake Bracelet with Ring

Original price was: ر.س150.00.Current price is: ر.س99.00.

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