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Accurate, long range and safe, introducing our new fully automatic ball launchers!

What is Gel Ball Launcher?

The Gel Ball Launcher is a superior and safe alternative for airsoft, Nerf, Super soakers and Paintball due to its high magazine capacity, fully automatic firing and long usage time. Compared to airsoft which uses BBs, Gel Ball Launchers use water-filled gel bullets, and provide similar performance in terms of range and accuracy compared to BBs, but are safer and more child-friendly.

Please note that the shell output window has been blocked on this product for legal reasons. The glow tracker and metal magazines are not included in the package.

Ammunition size: 7-8 mm


Nutrition magazine.
Removable accessories.
Single/full automatic


1 x P90 Gel Ball Blaster.
1 x Magazine
1 x Box of Blue/Green Gel Balls (10,000pcs)
1 x Gel Goggles
1 x Rechargeable Battery
1 x USB Charging Cable
IMPORTANT: How to Soak Gel Shots:

The most common problem for new users with all gel launchers is that the gel balls are not soaked properly, resulting in your launchers not firing properly.

Soak the dry gel balls in clean water for 3-4 hours, or until the gel balls reach 7-7.5mm, rinse well before use. Soak in pure water for better performance. Gel blasters are designed to use 7-7.5mm gel bullets only, smaller size may produce insufficient bullet feeding and larger size will cause bullets to jam in the barrel, please make sure to soak your gel bullets to 7-7.5mm before use. Store the soaked gel bullets in a sealed container if you want to use them next time. For unused wet gel balls, if they start shrinking after sometime, you can just re-soak them again to 7-7.5mm. If you have large bullets stuck in the trigger, clean them before using them again

P90 Gel Ball Launcher Toy Gun

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