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G-Shock has a cult model and immediately recognizable at its octagonal box: the GA-2100. On its dial, we discover a double digital and analog display, a specificity introduced for the first time on the DW-5000C. Another peculiarity: the finesse of the watch. This is the finest model at G-Shock! 
As a reminder, the specialty of G-Shock has always been to design ultra-resistant watches, and therefore not especially fine … but the GA-2100 brings together these two assets and has seen since its exit a great success!  
While the GA-2100 is fully resinted, G-Shock offers us with the GM-2100 a metal version of this box. We find the same octagonal box, a shape that also works very well with this new material! It has a rounded bezel on its upper part and a slightly polished metal that strengthens this premium side. 

The choice is really not going to be simple! I have a small preference for the blue color. All these versions are associated with a textured resin bracelet that returns the same feeling of robustness.
Despite this new metal trim, the GM-2100 weighs only 21 g more than the GA-2100 (72 g against 51 g). And we find all the functions (universal time function, LED lighting, 5 daily alarms, etc.) and the same performance in terms of impact resistance and water (20 bar / 200 m).
This new model will for surely constitute a new temptation object for g-shock enthusiasts!
G-Shock: Master of Robustness
It’s an amazing brand. Even if it has never had the objective of seducing watchmaker lovers, she has been able to touch a sensitive rope in the general public. Military by the building occupations, or for athletes, the proposal of G-Shock responds to a need for resistance that no other brand has really managed to match. It reigns supreme on this unique niche, and we regularly carry our DW-5600, re-edition of the original model of 1983, for any sports activity or too risky for our valuable toctants.

G-SHOCK Silver SK-192

2 Years Warranty
Made By Japan
First Class imitation Quality


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