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Introducing the G-Shock GBA-900 Orange, a watch designed to be your ultimate companion in the world of fitness and style. With a vibrant orange hue that exudes energy and functionality tailored for active lifestyles, this timepiece is a symbol of resilience and innovation.

Key Features:

1. Striking Orange Aesthetics:
The bold orange color of the G-Shock GBA-900 is more than just a hue—it’s a statement. This vibrant shade not only adds a pop of personality to your wrist but also ensures high visibility, reflecting your active spirit.

2. Rugged Endurance:
Built with G-Shock’s renowned toughness, the GBA-900 is shock-resistant, ensuring durability against the bumps and jolts of an active life. It’s a watch that stands up to the challenges of both your workout and daily adventures.

3. Step Tracker and Calorie Counter:
Keep your fitness goals in check with the step tracker and calorie counter. This watch is not just a timekeeper; it’s a fitness companion that monitors your steps and helps you manage your calorie burn throughout the day.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity:
Stay connected seamlessly with Bluetooth connectivity. Sync your GBA-900 with your smartphone to receive notifications on your wrist, control music playback, and stay in the loop without missing a beat.

5. Training Log:
Elevate your training with the integrated training log. Record your workouts, set goals, and track your progress over time. Whether you’re into cardio, strength training, or a mix of both, this watch keeps you on top of your fitness journey.

6. Super Illuminator LED:
The Super Illuminator LED ensures that you can read the time at a glance, no matter the lighting conditions. Whether it’s bright daylight or a dimly lit gym, your GBA-900 provides clarity and visibility.

7. World Time Function:
Stay connected globally with the world time function. Easily switch between time zones, making it ideal for frequent travelers or those with international connections.

8. Water-Resistant Design:
Don’t let water hinder your plans. With water resistance, this watch is ready for your sweaty workouts, unexpected rain, or even aquatic adventures.

9. Dynamic Sporty Design:
The dynamic design of the GBA-900 blends sporty aesthetics with a modern touch. The orange resin band complements the black dial, creating a watch that seamlessly transitions from the gym to casual outings.

The G-Shock GBA-900 Orange is not just a watch; it’s a commitment to an active and connected lifestyle. From its rugged durability to its fitness-centric features, this timepiece is designed for those who embrace life with vigor. Unleash your active spirit and make a bold statement with the GBA-900—an embodiment of G-Shock’s dedication to toughness, innovation, and style.

G-Shock GBA-900 Orange

2 Years Warranty
Made By Japan
First Class imitation Quality

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