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  • [IP56 Waterproof Body] – The windproof and waterproof electric lighter has IP56 waterproof technology. After the cover is sealed and fastened, even if the whole arc lighter is immersed in water, it will not affect the normal use of the plasma lighter. It is very suitable for outdoor camping, mountain climbing and other activities.
  • [Comes with a COB Portable Light] – The newly upgraded lighting on the front of the flameless lighter is equipped with 30 high-performance COB wicks, which can make the light more uniform and bright, so that you are not afraid of the dark night. The lighting has three lighting modes: high brightness, low brightness and flashing. Close the cover and press the side button to switch on and off. Electric lighters suitable for various outdoor scenes are more suitable for travelling.
  • [USB C Charging] – The rechargeable lighter can be charged with a power bank, computer, mobile phone charger and car with a USB C charging cable. There is an indicator light on the rechargeable lighter, and the indicator light will go out when the lighter is fully charged. The convenient charging function allows you to use the usb lighter anytime even outdoors.
  • [Lightweight and Portable] – The electric lighter box comes with a nylon lanyard and usb c charging cable, which is not only convenient for you to wear and use the electronic lighter at any time, but the cool transparent body shape of the unique lighter also makes it a fashionable item. There is a detachable buckle on the back of the camping lighter, which allows it to be attached to backpacks and belts, so it is not easy to lose and easy to use.
  • [Long Endurance Time] – The rechargeable lighter can be used 60-80 times only after charging for 1-2 hours. The powerful double-arc structure allows the arc lighter to easily ignite anything. After fully charged, the lighting time can last for 1.5 hours, allowing you to use it outdoors with more peace of mind.


Product parameters:

Size: 75.6*48.9*17.6mm

Weight: 66g

Material: Zinc alloy

Product packaging: Lighter*1, USB charging cable*1


·Do not touch with your hands for a period of time after the arc is ignited, it may burn due to residual heat. 

·Please unplug the charging cable as soon as possible after fully charged to reduce battery consumption. 

·Do not use this product in an environment full of water vapor. 

The exquisite gift box packaging is also a good choice for gift giving, I hope this product can make you happy. 

Product information

Electric Lighter USB C Rechargeable Lighter Windproof with Smart Chip for Candles, Incense, Camping

Luminous Waterproof Lighter With COB Light Outdoor Camping Survival Windproof Igniter Type-C Electronic Dual Arc Plasma Lighter


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